Craving for ankle boots

I crave for ankle boots..
I think it'll go perfectly well with my dress tomorrow ;p

I stumbled on this site and I found this wonderful shoes..


Okay, I have to go to sleep and end this blogging craze. I've been posting every 5 minutes I think! -_-;;

3 Responses to “Craving for ankle boots”
  1. mer, mw yg dua diatas sepatunya, tp kyknya hrs pake kalo bermobil, kalo gak, kotor kemana-mana....

  2. iya pengen juga :(( agak mahal euy :(( gpp kotor, sepertinya mudah dibersihkan >:D

  3. onyo says:

    bikin aj..d galdy,d's quite cheap..i made ankle boots,it's only 135.. :D

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