Okay, my friends will know that I'm a High School Musical fans (I know,I know I'm too old for that,and I'm too old to be Zack Efron's fans as well :P but what can I say, I'm young at heart :D). I memorize the songs, and sometimes the dance moves as well.

Now, Glee was just aired on Star World last Wednesday and I instantly fell in love with it!The songs were great, the moves as well,and I like this kind of storyline. I even download that 1st episode then re-watched it :D

Puspi.. you've gotta watch Glee!! xD

2 Responses to “Glee!”
  1. Puspi says:

    :O :O :O Lebih heboh dari HSM kah?? Wah wah, apakah ada tarian dan lagu2 serunya jg?


    Btw blog mu bagus mew, aku suka foto2nya.. Gayamu makin yahud! *halah bahasaku ;))

  2. ah senangnya puspi membacanya :"D
    iyaa lagu2nya pun lebi oke, teratas di tangga lagu Billboard (ahaha lebih aneh lagi bahasanya :D)

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