Life Without Architecture

It’s been almost a month since i left my job as an Architect. And I haven’t encounter anything related to architecture ever since.

I have to admit I rather enjoy it. No deadlines, no stressful working hours, no demanding client, no hard to please boss, but I do miss the monthly salary though ;p
At first I felt so guilty and restless by not have to do anything, I spent my days sleeping, watch tv, eat,sleep ..*pathetic*.

I start to find ways to be able to work again ad be productive in a way (without 8 to 5 working in the office). But then again I start to think...there’s more to life than architecture, even tough I feel such a waste to totally leave that world, especially I received a very good recognition during my work from my boss, colleagues, and clients, and they’ve said that I have the talents.

But I start to look at the condition from another perspectives. Sure I’m not working and because of that I don’t have an income, but I have more time to do the things I want to do. I spend more time with my family, my mom, and I can contribute if one of them had a problem, I could learn new things ( I always wanted to learn to paint),I read more (but I read mostly blogs these days :p),and learn how to cook.
Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Maybe I should enjoy the moments and do what I WANT to do, not what I SHOULD do, or HAVE TO.

The problem is I have to be more discipline otherwise I will end up wasting my time..:-s

Any ideas for another productive thing I could do?

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