Lace dress

Yay!! I just bought this very-lovely-delicate-dress yesterday for this weekend occasion (my bro ‘acara lamaran’) for a very affordable price ( but it looked expensive rite?? ;)).

Come to think of it, It’s been ages since my last shopping...let me see.. last June, which means 6 months ago! (!!!)


I used to shop every months. Well, it’s hard to neglect those shops and sales If you have to pass them every day in a daily basis in Singapore. And back then I don’t have ‘other priorities’ :p

I forgot how exiting it feels. The anxiety, the excitement, and the feeling when you know that the thing that you want the most is finally yours..humm..
Anyhow I can’t wait to wear you for Sunday!:D

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  1. Bumer, ini bajunya kereeeeen bgt. Bikin ah:p

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