After all these years I still can't figure out what is my passion is.

After I graduated I told myself that I don't want to be an architect.
But yet I work as an Architect in an architectural firm in Indonesia, Singapore, and KL for 4.5 years.

I like being an Architect, I really do, I feel that I have the necessary sense to do the job, I like doing the presentation, I like playing with ideas, and I like the creative environment.

But I don't think I'm truly passionate about it.

I didn't miss being an Architect (yet?), I don't like to read about architecture, I don't have any Architect as an idol, and I don't have those constant ideas about architecture.

I envy people who has a clear vision of what he/she wanted to be.
My friend from Philippines once told me he wanted to be a teacher.
The other friend of mine told me she wanted to be a writer.

Me?? I never know I want to be since I was I little girl :(
I know that I did a lot of dance and sing on the stage back then but I don't remember if I wanted to be an actress o something.

Yesterday I found my old diary when I was still on high school, written by me and my 2 friend. There we stated our personal data including what we wanted to be when we grow up.
My 2 friends indicated that they wanted to be a writer.
Curiously, i flipped the book's page to find my section.

I wrote : "I want to be a designer, any designer which related to drawing"

Nooooo!! It was not clear! Architect is also a designer..I don't want to be an Architect!! :(((

Or maybe I do? deep down inside... :-s
Somebody pls help?

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