Prewed errr..postwed photoshoot? :D

We went to err..white crater (kawah putih) yesterday for a picnic and also my bro's pre wedding photo shoot, can't show you the picts since it's still classified :p
But of course I won't miss a chance to get my picture taken as well :D

The scene is soo surreal! It's very misty since It rained when we arrived, have to wait for an hour for the rain to stop. And it was sooo cooold xO I can't feel my fingers!

And we also did a post wedding pictures as well :"D
We can do the romantic poses since, hey..we're married! :D

And..not so romantic poses -_-;;

abusive husband!

mighty wife!


2 Responses to “Prewed errr..postwed photoshoot? :D”
  1. Alfa says:

    the fourth (not forth) pic, me no laiki. my leg looks crippled.. remove it! or change it with the superman one...


  2. oiyayah.

    ahahahahahaa xD
    yah nanti aja diganti ;P

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