It's about balance

Huff..what a week.
I've just submit the panels for a competition this morning and slept at 3 am last night.
Sleep late for weeks, skip cooking and let alone baking, got cranky because of fatigue, and never blog.
This is not what I want.

On January I have all the time I need, I chat with my mom, massage her when she got tired, learn to bake everyday if possible, watch good movies on cable, and woke up earlier than my husband (well, maybe only for a few weeks). But I got restless because I don't have any project, or not productive as I may say it. I got bored, and scared that I don't maximize my potential.
And on February I just grabbed any project opportunity, I ended up with 3 project which have almost the same deadlines and here I am.

Exhausted.Disappointed. and I have a feeling I disappointed people around me as well.
It's all about balance.
I have to know how many project I can take without having to sacrifice my family and my leisure time.

I still have a lot to learn.

2 Responses to “It's about balance”
  1. Anonim says:

    Nice blog.. Sing sabar ya teteh.. Dipilih-pilih teh kalo ambil projek..

  2. Thanks :D
    iya boleh terlalu ambisius...harus lebi realistis :(

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