It's been a while since my last post..

I know! I know!
It's been weeks actually, I even haven't post my baking activity..(err...only 2 I guess)
I'm such a warm warm chicken shit (umm..I really can't find any other term for this).
I always get exited with certain things and exited with the idea in the beginning only, and then, get kinda bored, or distracted.
Like once I had this idea to create online shopping,get very exited, browse to some stuff, study abut he possibility and all. and look where that idea go?
And blogging is something I always wanted to do, to record my life, my dreams and goals, I posted very often in the beginning (even 2 post in 5 minutes -_-;;)
but then I get distracted, with projects, competitions, and glee (watching Glee that is, not joining one ;p)

Okay, I'll try to post AT LEAST once a week, and then we'll see from there :)

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