Another hectic week

Is the excuse on why I didn't post anything lately.
Another project (which I feel very blessed to have one, but the timing, arrrgh!)and
my brother's wedding day.

Unfortunately I don't have that thing that they say women have it compare to men.

Multitasking ability.

I can only focus on one thing at the time, especially if the task required a high concentration. So lately I've been eating late, didn't do my choirs, and again, skip cooking :P

Imagine if we have kids. This won't work! :(
I didn't feel that I'm the typical image of housewife yet. I thought going back to Bandung, going back to my parents home will help me to learn that. But I think I haven't improve (well, significantly *sigh*)

Is there any guideline and tips on how to be a good housewife and working women at the same time?:D

2 Responses to “Another hectic week”
  1. sara says:

    your blog is great :D
    hihihi seperti yang sudah2 dirimu berbakat dalam membuat cerita dan bercerita seperti komik2 mu yang tak pernah berlanjut itu haha.
    cant wait to see you soon!

  2. ihihihi makasihh..lagi belajar nih, kaya nulis diary :p ahahaha komik2 itu..huhu kangen dehh..mana yaa???
    mituuuu.. segera kabari aku kalo dirimu dah ga sibuk yaaa :D

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