The best 2 years of my life

I would probably say when I was in Singapore. I didn't realize it at he time since I was apart prom my husband and all, all I could think was to leave Singapore and to be with my husband.

But now when I looked back, I had a very blast years. I performed twice at Surbana annual dinner ( I know, it was not THAT big a deal, but hey, the audience is about 500!), and won the talent show. Won the ADT idol,went to Ho Chi Minh alone for business trip, model a fashion show, become mc, and become one of the face of Surbana ( know, the face that you see on the huge picture on the entrance lobby of an office), but at the end the picts didn't developed (we already have a photoshoot with a professional photographer!) due to the budget cutbacks..d*** you economic crisis!

All of those stuff was soo fun and unexpected. I was so fearless back there, more confident and jumped to any opportunities given mainly because I was in a foreign country, and I thought; "they didn't know me anyway, I'm here only for a year". Funny enough, I didn't dare to do all that stuff when I was in Bandung. Maybe because I thought "there's people who know me" and "there's more talented people out there", which make me hesitate.

Which is why the quote "the only thing that could stop you is you" is quite right, If I kept thinking that no one knows me anyway, and kept the mindset I had in Singapore, maybe I could be more fearless, maybe I could achieve so much more in life.

yes, that was me, dancing like crazy ;p

with fellow models in enchanting Indonesia

In Ho Chi Minh city

Mc at Kampung Surbana Beraya Lagi

ADT idol

Winning talent show :D

me ad the CEO :"D

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