Best Husband in the World

It may sounded corny but my husband is the best husband i can ever hoped for.
He's understanding
and always always there for me

Especially during the previous-very-hectic-crazy-months where I overload with projects.
I stopped cooking for him *if you realize I never posted any cooking lately, that's because I didn't cook :-|* Made a mess on our 12 sqm space *imagine if we stayed in our own house!* Only able to cook him noodle, tempe, noodle, and tempe for breakfast :-( sometimes i didn't woke up at all because I stayed up until very2 late working.

He didn't complain when I didn't cook for dinner.
He even bought us dinner.
He asked me if i need anything, when I have to work late
He helped me if I got tired (fortunately he knows a little photoshop and have a skill in layout)
He came home early when I asked him to help me

There's only one way to summarize it:
He's the best husband in the wholeee world!

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  1. Farah says:

    So sweet ^_^ Congratulations, Mer...

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