We went to Persib resto &cafe or something like that yesterday to celebrate my husband's belated birthday. We chose that place because we were intrigue by the 'sop iga bakar' written hugely on the banner.

And we saw that the parking lot is always full, so that's gotta mean the place is good.

When we enter the place, our first impression is the place is nicely decorated, nice interior with nice atmosphere. We chose to sit on the balcony to enjoy the breeze and the view.

The menu is quite diverse, from Asian meals, Indonesian, and western. The sop iga bakar which we thought is the specialty was very unreasonably expensive. idr 45 thousand per portion. Not sure about spending that amount of money to a meal which we were unsure is good; We ordered steaks instead. I ordered spaghetti with ribs.

#mistake no 1
We waited for ages to get our meal, with only 2 tables to serve!
We have to remind the waiter several times before we finally got our meal.

#mistake no 2
The steaks were finally showed up, after waited for approx half an hour maybe??
it tasted more like empal than steaks. Not to mention there were some burns on it. Humph.

#mistake no 3
The spaghetti tasted rather oily and too gingery, and tasted more like noodles. The ribs were tasteless. Grr..

#overall mistakes.
The price weeere to expensive for a service like this, the portion is quite small for a price like that, and the atmosphere were waay to mediocre to have that kind of price.

I normally don't review restaurants online and I do hope the won't put me behind bars because of this but I was really2 disappointed. This is our last dinner before my husband have to leave tomorrow, and when we express our disappointment to them, they only said sorry, no compensation or what so ever. I know they were quite new but with a service like this, I doubt they'll gonna make it in a very high competitive culinary world in Bandung.

PS. the full carpark that we saw everyday? Apparently this place became somekind of a base camp for a gang or something, maybe persib supporter? I don't know. The showed up with 1 car for each person. So with 10 people at the restaurant? the carpark is definitely going to be full.

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