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I met my childhood friend today. She's my friend since elementary but I haven't met her for 4 years. I wonder If she have changed.
To my surprise, she didn't change a bit, and we talked for 2 hours non stop until my throat soar :D

We talked about everything. About live updates, our friends, and about ourselves. She told me that she work freelance since she hates working in the office also so she could concentrate on her writing. She told me live isn't not about working, it's about doing what you love, what you're passionate about, and I admire her for that. To be honest I always thought that she'll end up as a writer, she's been writing since I know her, and I always thought that she's so talented.
I always admire a person who have a clear path in their live, a clear passion and willing to pursue those passion no matter what.

For my self, I even don't what is my passion about. I know one of my strongest dream is to go to Europe, traveling across Europe with my husband. I have a clear image on how's is going to be like. But that's not a passion, it's more like a goal in life.

I asked her, since she knows me from I was little. What kind of person (professionally) she'd picture me be to become, and what is my passion she'd expect?
She told me that, it's related to art, I'm always good at drawing and anything related to art.

I remember that I took dancing lessons since I was in kindergarten and I always get a part in any performance. I like to draw and my friend told me that my drawings were great. I even sell my drawings (for Rp 100 I remember! xD) to my friends in elementary. In High school I create handmade Valentine cards and sell them to my friends, I got loads of order until I was overwhelmed.

All those things suppose to be clear enough for me to know my path. But my weakness is I'm so moody, and interested to so many things which makes me unfocused. I once curious how is if feel to be a model, or a stewardess, I tried them all, only to find out that it didn't fit me. I worked in Singapore because I was curious how is it like to live and work abroad by myself. I work as an architect since I was curious on whether I have the talent or not.

Maybe for the time being all I have to do is to maintain my curiosity upon things. Not afraid to do something new. To challenge myself. Who knows in the process I might find what my truly passion is.

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