Bandung Guest House

My friend from KL is planning a trip to Bandung next weekend (long weekend) ans she asked me to find a cheap accommodation or a guest house with budget around idr 100000-idr400000/ room.

So I googled, and find some links that matched her preferences (she wanted cheap clean, near to city center and accessible with angkot).
Here's some info I found (i'll list it here, who knows I might need it one day)

well actually there's more, but I'm not familiar with the area.
To my surprise, they are all full booked!
I never knew that Bandung have a lot of budget accommodation and it's actually sells!
Especially if they have website. And currently tourist come to Bandung are not only from Jakarta but also from other area as well, other country even. It's a promising business.

So....since currently I'm designing my parents student hostel, I'm was thinking to add a guest house too, since the location is very prominent (dago asri)..hmm...

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