One of my biggest dream is to follow my husband to Europe.

Yes, note that.
To follow.

Some might say that I'm to lazy to have a dream of my own.
Or I took the easy way to let others took the responsibility to make that dream come true. In this case, my husband.

My friend said today that the sign of great man is their dreams is big enough to contribute something to create a better place to this world.
And I bet to follow is not one of them

But for me, it's called compromise.

Think about it. It's the only way for my dreams to come true, without have to sacrifice my family. I could choose to find, for example scholarship to pursue Master degree to Europe like some of my friends did, but what about my husband? I couldn't ask him to follow me around and sacrifice his job. And I can't bear to life apart from my husband that long. Besides, the point is to be able to share the experience with him.

In the other hand, I'm willing to follow him whenever he goes. And currently I'm on my path to work freelance so I'll have the flexibility to work anywhere I chose. And my husband is willing to find a way to make my dreams come true.

I'll say this is a win-win solution.
What do you think?

2 Responses to “Dreams”
  1. Anonim says:

    Yup u couldn't ask him to "follow" u around and sacrifice his job. But he can, because he's ure husband. Its difference, between what husband can do and the wife do. He's your patriarch


  2. hmm..you got a point there.
    But so far me "following" him is the easiest choice for both of us :-)
    thanks for your comments! :D

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