Getting out of comfort zone

Here I am in my home town, staying in a hotel for almost a week now.
I thought it'll be a good place for me to do some contemplation. To work on my projects. The things that I always postponed because I got distracted at home.
I thought by staying in a hotel I won't have any distraction at all, therefore I could be more focus. If I'm hungry or have to do laundry, just pick up the phone and everything swill be take care of.


There's another obstacle that I have to face.
Getting out of comfort zone.


Everything is soo comfortable I feel like reading a novel than working. or watching TV, or taking a nap. I always thought that discipline has been my weakness. I often set target but fail to fulfilled them, or I fulfilled them but took longer than I planned.
Working freelance or having your own projects means you're your own boss. There's no external motivation such as afraid that the you'll scolded by the boss or have to meet deadline otherwise the client won't be satisfied. Now I have to follow deadline based on my own interest. Basically because I have to make the most of my time.

Ok, back to work.

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