My long lost hobby..

I used to love drawings..From elementary through high school, I love to draw, even though mostly the kind of drawings found in Japanese comic. I used to draw my own comic using notebook (nope, not the laptop, but the book you use to write when you're in school, the one with lines and everything). I had my original comic in 1 huge suitcase, but yes, like my dreams to be a comic book writer, they all disappeared.

There's a reason why I stopped drawing since 3rd grade of High School, and that is why I took architecture, since there's a drawing element in the study which later I found is NOT THE SAME AT ALL.

Anyway, Now I'm trying to draw again.
And because I never draw since ages, I took it hard to start. But I'll keep trying :-)
But but my taste change a bit, I don't really like Japanese comic style anymore but more like these:
This is one of my favorite inspiration, aren't they lovely?

by Sophie Allsop

by Ines Huni

by Jo Brown

2 Responses to “My long lost hobby..”
  1. D.F Jules says:

    These are lovely!!! I really love the second and third one.

    The second one just makes me all dreamy and reminds me of this dream I had..

  2. Aren't they? :D
    I hope I have the talent to draw something similar ..


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