the power of chit chat

Contrary to what people believe, I actually not really good communicating with other people. Communicate means chit chat, or in Indonesian; basa basi.

It's not really a big a deal when I were still in school, since most people I communicate with are my friends, people at my age, or the teacher, and we don't do much of basa basi, don't we? we could be ourselves without any judgement (well, at least in my school).
And it's not a problem when I was working abroad, especially in Singapore, since everything is to the point and we're pushed to work as efficient as we could be. Therefore chitchat is not necessary (plus, I hangout mostly with fellow Indonesian). That is one of the reason why I don't want to be an architect. I hate networking and I'm very comfortable being in a situation where I don't know anyone and meeting people older than me for the sake of networking.

Most of my friends probably don't believe that. But I actually find it hard to be my self in social events. In front of a new person. I couldn't be my self, my chatty comic face self in front of them. They will think I'm.... weird..

That is why I enjoyed working freelance, I don't have to meet the client. Work comes through email and I just have to do it at home.

Until now.

I have an opportunity to work on a real project. (Real means I'm the architect and the client is going to actually build it).
I'm going to meet this client.(Thankfully he's a friend of my parents so my mom is accompanying me).
And I realize, in this field chit chat is very important. We can't just impress the client by our works and our knowledge ( I did this already). But we have to create some kind of chemistry with the client, to create a good relationship (okay I started to sound like giving dating advices).

Anyway you know what i mean right?
So because of my lack ability to chit chat, I don't think the client is very keen :(
Since I talk mostly technical stuff. I must've sounded very boring.

Suddenly I remember my hubby, since unlike me, he's veeeryy good with people.
I could've learn from him.

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