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 I've mentioned before that early in our marriage, we lived separately. I’m in Singapore while my husband was doing his master degree in KL. After a while we realize, that's not how married life suppose to be. And I moved to KL. Finally we lived like a normal newlyweds in KL until 7 months. After that we move to Bandung and live with my parents for 4 months (well we still lived like a normal married couple minus the privacy, if you know what I mean).

Then this.

We lived separately again. I visited him once a month but still. This is not a normal married life suppose to be. Normal to me is; getting married, life in our own house, having babies…be a housewife. At least that’s how my parents did it.

Maybe things different in our generation, there’s more opportunities, and options. I can’t help to think why our married life is so… different? challenging? I can’t find the right word.

And now when I thought I suppose to wait in Bandung with my parents and practice to be a good housewife and hopefully mom-to be, another opportunity arises. An opportunity which separates us even further. Well at least geographic wise. Distance wise we actually became closer.

I still haven’t sure about the decision yet, And It didn’t feel right.
Still doing my istikharah prayer and hopefully we manage to choose for what’s best for both of us.


4 Responses to “About us”
  1. D.F Jules says:

    Dude, way too much spelling mistakes there. LOL, what happened? I thought you were going to move to Pekanbaru? Is this about the job you were offered?

  2. Doh!
    I wrote the draft in word. What happened to the auto correct?!
    Yeahh...Don't know weather I'm going to take it or not yet tough *still confuse ><*

  3. D.F Jules says:

    it's whether, Mere, not weather. LOL. No sweat. I'm the queen of typo too. My brain spits out words too fast for my hands to type them.

    The Publisher? Well, that's the thing, he only accepts Indonesian stories, so I mailed each three chapters of Girl's Corner and Our Last Days in High School. Blah.

    *shrugs* I don't have high hopes on having a reply because the ones I have on me of those two stories are very rough drafts, I've lost the revised version because my laptop crashed.

    *le sigh*

  4. Doh!!
    me too. you know, I don't think I have enough talent to write, I mean, I have the idea and all, but it's so hard to develop them into a paragraph, let alone a whole chapter ><

    I forgot how we did it back in high school...
    How about the collaboration idea? maybe we could fill each other gaps (but mine's definitely bigger ahahah xD)

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