Movies these days..*sigh*

I watched Prince of Persia last night with my husband. No no, the title doesn't represent that movie, but the trailer  I watched before the movie starts. Both Indonesian movies, one called The Sexy City, and the other called Istri Boongan.

*for the istri boongan I guess the movies is soo lame and such a low quality type of movie I even can't find the poster on the web.

By seeing the poster I guess all of us get a clear picture how the movie going to like.
It amuses me. Call me conservative, old fashion and against modernity or whatever, but last time I check, this kind of movies never got in to the theater! It's soo vulgar and against the east values that we suppose to have and it's so.... Hollywood.

But not in a good way.

Especially Istri Boongan with Julia Perez as a star. Ugh..she got the nerve to be the candidate of Bupati Pacitan, with that morale! in that kind of movies!

Anyway, I just can't help to think why are we so fussy and willing to put our effort and attention to the scandal  of the A,L,C movies but let those 2 movies got into the theater? I bet those movies won't be help to improve our nation morale too.


3 Responses to “Movies these days..*sigh*”
  1. D.F Jules says:

    AHAHAHAHHAHA, seriously? I haven't even HEARD of this!!!!

  2. me too, until I saw the trailer -_-

  3. Anonim says:

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