Our dream home 2

*remind me to eventually change this image with my watercolor drawing

Have I told you that I’m in pekanbaru again this time?

Well I am, and while I’m here we decide to look for a house so when my husband got back from his training, I could move in soon. Apparently house in Pekanbaru/rumbai ain’t cheap like we thought it’ll be. The perfect house in a perfect neighbourhood in our opinion cost around 400 million! And it’s only 50 sqm! There’s another housing nearby the hotel with bigger houses around 135 sqm cost 700 million!


While the cheaper ones either very far, or very old. And by very old means not livable, need major constructions*sigh*  Why we chose to buy a house rather than rent one like everybody else? Well, according to my husband, it's better  that we pay something per month for a thing that eventually be ours rather that renting.

Soo..we haven't found the perfect house yet, and since I have to go back to Bandung today (hiks!) I’ll leave the responsibilities to my husband. Hopefully he’ll find out dream home.

2 Responses to “Our dream home 2”
  1. D.F Jules says:

    Hm, what do you think MY house costs? LOL, I bet it's like...hell, I dunno.

    Me? As soon as I have enough money, I'm gonna knock out some few walls in this Yogya house and make myself a mini library and a bigger kitchen.

  2. "I bet it's like...hell, I dunno."
    ahahaha! xD

    we actually looked for a house in your area (jl limbungan) and we both like the accessibility and neighborhood. But we only found some small houses with a bad layouts -_-. Maybe your mom got some info? *wink wink*

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