Passion searching part3

In my attempt to find my passion, I did anything I could think of. I took the test from The Passion Test. I took online test, I browsed, I attend workshops, all sort of things.

So the major question I manage to find my passion?
Well the answer to that is yes..and no.

You see, the answer to my passion is not as clear as I might think it'll be. There's kind of people who had a clear vision about their passion, what they're going to do in their lives. And I always thought that I'm that kind of people. The problem is I'm easily distracted, moody, and had a short term memory.

Let's review one by one about my findings.
based on this, it's actually very easy to find our passion. But the brain had a mind of its own. It like to jump around to avoid things that is difficult and troublesome and goes to the things that is easy and laid back.

I haven't really quite there yet but one thing for sure; my source of happiness is not how much I have achieved or how far I have traveled, but it's my family. And even if I have found my true passion, the things I want to do, without my family, it will never be the same.
And other things that I lack in my life now is the feeling of grateful.
I often felt lost, lazy, unfortunate, and too focused in finding my passion and feeling too self conscious I forgot to be grateful. I'm to focused too the things I wish to achieved and forgot to be grateful for what I have achieved. There's no reason for me to feel unhappy, and the reason for finding my passion s not because i'm not happy, but because i'm trying to live the fullest.

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