During my passion searching I come to realize, wait no, to certain that Architecture is definitely Not my passion. Architecture is my way of making money. And as we all knew, what we do for a living is not necessarily what our passion is.

And after a few weeks not dealing to architecture at all, I find it very relaxing and when I imagine that world, and the works, I convinced myself not to go back.
So I focused to my dreams, my goals, and how to achieve them. The problem is, most of my dreams required big amount of money to achieve it.

And then suddenly, after almost a year, my former bos called me, and offered me a project.

Yes, an architecture project.

And I got tempted.
Well the money is good, maybe if I do this for a while..

I haven't decided yet. But one thing for sure, the road for a passionate life is full of temptation.

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