Have I told you before about the temptation? the confusion I'm having?
Well the story is I had a job offer from Singapore, it was really sudden and I didn't see that coming, I was really focused on my dreams, mu online boutique and my passion searching which didn't involved in Architecture at all. Right when I was certain that architecture is not my passion and not in my future plan, the phone rang;

It was from my former boss who had moved to another company and became 'the big boss', he offered me a job without have to come for an interview.

For others that could be a blessing. Because I know a lot of people wants to work in Singapore, but they face difficulties since they have to apply in so many company, doing interviews, and not to mention the permit application.

I din't instantly said no, or said yes for that matter. I hesitated.

Well the money is good but I just not sure want to go through that path anymore, I don't think I want to do architecture in a daily basis. I'm happy in my current state, I'm enjoying my life, I still do architecture jobs but it's freelance so I can manage the time myself.

But then I thought, I should think about the new adventure I will get, that's always a good thing. Most people wanted to experience working abroad and living in a foreign country. I got to experience that, 3 times. And everything seemed very smooth like I really meant to do this.

So with that consideration, we decided that I should take the offer.

So here I am, in Singapore, and living another great adventure in my life.

2 Responses to “Adventure”
  1. D.F Jules says:

    Mere, you're in Singapore? Why didn't you tell me???

    LOL, well, that's great, right? Another adventure? *sigh* I wouldn't want to live your life though, I don't deal well with change.

    Anyway, I'm going to have a second meeting with a publisher, probably going to know whether they'd be willing to publish my book or not today. Wish me luck.

    Oh, since in your there, can you do me a favor and find out about publishers there, you know, if you go to a book shop, go see some publishing houses and their info on the back of a book? LOL.

  2. Yeah, it's kinda all of sudden, I only have 2 weeks from the offer and to actually fly here :-s

    Okay, I have't spend my time to the mall yet (or bookstore) *sigh* but I will!

    It's always hard to face changes, there are times when I regret my decision and wish I never left. But I know all this for the better, or why else I've got the opportunity on the first place, right? Right? *convincing myself*

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