I wonder..

One of the promises I made when I decided to stay in Singapore again is to keep blogging. Okay, once a week it's still good enough, at least I have a record of my journey in life.

How am I doing lately?
It's good, I'm getting used to the situation, no more regrets, or tears for that matter. No more homesick, and yes, still counting days.

Okay, still with passion searching. So on may latest workbook in the passion test, it stated that whatever decision you've made, it have to be for the sake of our passion. Even tough it seems impossible, but that decision will lead you to a better thing, your passion.

Then this opportunity to work in Singapore come. My dream is to open my own business and to have a flexible working hours, but all of that require a big amount of capital. I thought, this could be it, working in Singapore can provide me the capital I needed. So I took the offer.

But if I really look at it, I probably getting away from my passion. The idea to have my own business is for me to be able to spend my time with family, have more time doing the things i love. Choosing to be away from them and working 9hours (or more!) a day is not giving me enough time for myself.

If  I want to have capital for my business, I could've taken other ways, I could've taken the offer to be an insurance agent( I know, i know, it's soo not me, but the profit you'll get it's rewarding you know!), or i could've explore the design and build projects in Bandung. There's so many other ways! why choose this?

I couldn't answer. And honestly, I still have regrets.
But the decision have been made. And I'm here. The best way to handle this is just to enjoy the experience. And be grateful of what I have.

But I can't help to wonder, If I really followed my heart. If I reject this offer and follow the options for the sake of my passion. Where I would be right now?

2 Responses to “I wonder..”
  1. "The best way to handle this is just to enjoy the experience. And be grateful of what I have"

    that's the point....ga bnyk org seberuntung dirimu lho...jd inilah chapter kehidupan mba mer yg hrs dijalani dulu. mgkn thn depan beda lagiii....:)
    selamat menikmati ^^d

  2. huhuuu..terimakasihh... :')
    iya nih, berusaha untuk selalu bersyukur..gimanapun ini kan rejeki ya :-)

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