SCA family day!

Okay, last Thursday, the night before hari raya, or malam takbir is the night when my office had the Family Day.
It's actually an anniversary party for the office but we can bring along family or friends.
It's better than the previous idea where it's suppose to be a very big party with fireworks and invited clients and we suppose to host them and keep them drunk (yes, that actually what my boss said.) Imagine, on malam takbir *rolling eyes*

Anyway, because of the time constraint, they decided to have a family day instead. So i invited my cousins, so they can see my cool office.
The party was actually great, good food, and a lot of small children an babies! :-)
My only party dress is the tight dress my sister packed me, so the baby bump is kinda shows... :"D
Here's what's it's like!

in front of the office with Alin and Rommel (me trying to hide the bump, yea right!;D)

with Ella, Mel, Alin on the cable car

Hugo, Pulina's son, soo cute! :D

enjoying dinner :9

bosses hosting :D

me getting a prize from SCA

Well actually everyone got it. What do we got, you ask?
Well, we got..

Yes, that's true! I PHONE 4!!


But they only give it upon confirmation.And since I'm leaving end of this month that's most unlikely to happen.


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