For the pas few weeks all I've been thinking is about going home to Bandung, about family, about not having to work, about leaving Singapore as soon as possible.

Until today.

Today is my last day, we're having a hari raya celebration as well, so it's perfect for ending the day.
To my surprise, i got very emotional.
At first my archi team gave a baby presents, cute shoe and a musical toy..I got teary right away.
Next, my boss told me he got a different present for me..I thought maybe gift voucher? :D
but then when I opened the envelope, it's a

yeessss, it's an I pad!
I was truly shocked.

This time no catch, I could have it right away.

I got teary again.

I'm very grateful, that I'm surrounded by very nice people, I'm very grateful, joining this great company with great people,I'm very grateful, that I've been blessed with an amazing experience.
 Now when I look back, coming here is definitely the right thing to do 
*still very overwhelmed*

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