Happy eid mubarak!! ; new layout

Hi All, how's your Idul Fitri?

We did some changes to our furiture arrengements so we could accomodate more guests to sit. I personally prefer this look than the previous one. It has more texture and colour but it's not really functional for Nabil to run around ;p

Just to remind you this is the layout before:

And this is what we did:

Hari raya cookies :9

Looking at the shots makes me want to shop more accesories for the space (errr..more? how about the other rooms? bedrooms? sunroom? helloo....) Especially the area above the tv, it screams for a statement piece, no?

Anyway the living room looked pretty much like i hoped for. It's not perfect since there's still several to do list for this space. But it's good enough for me, for now :p

One Response to “Happy eid mubarak!! ; new layout”
  1. hai salam kenal ya..

    artikelnya bagus, jadi terinspirasi juga mau ubah dekorasi ruangan meski pun lebaran udah lewat :)


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