Sun room-Design Dilemma

One of the room we managed to 'decorate' other than our living room is our sunroom, or porch. But somehow we  I never quite satisfied with the progress layout.

Fisrt we had this:

The layout is kinda off for my liking but sumehow hubby likes it. We kept this layout for several weeks until i can't take it anymore.

We changed the layout, i prefer this one since the couch and the frame grouping behind somehow more cohesive, cover the couch with ikea throw that we used on the white sofe previously for more colour and texture.

Still, something is not quite right...


Changed the layout again a little bit, change the throw with the stripe throw from ikea (again), add some accessories (actually the clock and frame need to be hung later). This is more satisfying!

I guess the couch need more bold prints since the colour of the room is kinda plain (beige, brown, dash of gray and green). I planned to change the throw with another bold fabric if i could find one, because i think that stripes already perfect at my living room.

I also planned to change the carpet but can't find another room to use it.  I know it's blah and kinda ugly, but for Rp 100.000 what do you expect?
There's an ambitious plan to paint this rug oneday, but still find time, material,  (and courage) to do it :p

But I'm happy with this for now :D

Sun room to do list:
  • change the lay out
  • add accesories
  • add wall art
  • paint the rug?
  • paint the chairs
  • change the dining chair fabric
  • add more planters
  • add more vibrant cushions
  • find bold pattern for the couch

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